Appreciate Others It Boosts Productivity

How do you feel when someone makes you to feel important? Most importantly welcomes your thoughts and value you highly. Do you get attracted towards that person.

It Boosts Your Powers

When one appreciates you discover your abilities. And heightens your abilities. Sometimes you are unaware that you have talent to paint realistically. You start focusing on paint and you feel excited to excel in painting.

It takes your abilities to the next level. You work wonders.

You ever remember that someone appreciated you and you discovered your excellence.

Increases Productivity

Praise brightens up our day. We smile and feel pleasure. When we simply appreciate someone for his efforts it can transform his attitude. If you appreciate his efforts he will work more and more to increase his productivity.

It’s true that you value highly someone he tries to maintain it. It increases productivity.

Boosts Learning, Motivation, Memory, and focus

Compliments are very powerful and can change the fabric of your mind. You start thinking positively about the person who appreciates you. The effect on the brain is not apparent. But it can change your attitude. You not only feel good. Praise also boosts memory, learning, motivation, and other cognitive functions.

Spreads Positivity

Praise makes your thinking optimistic constructive and positive. Positive thoughts haunt you. And you start thinking good. Love to participate in all activities and never shy. If anyone is negative you say he does not mean that.

Whirlwind Romance

Attractive persons praise most often. Praise is always a reward for doing good. Appreciation often works like romantic attention. You love to think about the person who appreciates you. kind words echo in your brain. You can not get rid of this intrigue. It activates your high spirits. We give attention to and think more and more about a person who likes us. And it becomes our fancy. And the romance goes on.

Appreciation motivates you to focus on and do it again and again. You are encouraged to make it a habit for what you are appreciated. Even more important is that you can’t forget a person who appreciates you.

You can not resist thinking about a person who compliments you.

When you value someone highly at the workplace, productivity increases. When you value highly learners learning increases. Appreciation enhances communication makes friends and deepens relationships. Moreover, exaltation motivates you to take initiative. Activates you to take the first step.

Hence, many examples show that great and successful personalities admit that someone appreciated them Hey, you can do that. Great job keep it up. You have a special talent to do that. These words kindled my passion and my self-worth. It helped me to discover talent in me. As a result, I touched the heights of my career. Such inspiration echoed throughout my life. A word if kindness inspired me to fly high.

Compliments bring a change that you wish in your life. Moreover, it boosts your confidence and increases your self-esteem.

Productivity Boosters

Keep it up.

Well done .

Good job.

Ian dead sure you can do that.

These words are great source of encouragement. That keeps you going. And finally achieve your goal. When you feel tired these words boost you and productivity increases.


Admire someone to add attraction to your personality. You are liked by everyone. Your existence inspires others to live a better life. You point out what is hidden in them. A positive attitude makes you an attractive person.

Make Self Care Your Main Concern

Self-care is a distinctive feature of attractive personalities. You can go for it by making self-care your main priority.

Self-care makes you active

When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, you start looking better, and you even you start to attract better,. It all starts with you.


Self-care is taking care of your behaviors and feelings.

Impressive persons take care of their manners expressions and positions. They know what to say and when to say it. They know whether they are in a position to say something or not.

Self-care for an attractive person is self-awareness. He knows how to control emotions and feelings.

Similarly, they know how to think feel, and act. Captivating persons know how to handle stress and make selections.

Hence they take care of the movement of the body. Health, social wellness, and proper rest are the main concern for them.

With an organized, focused mind you can achieve your goals actively. if you have hurdles on the way to planning and dealing with others you can’t move actively. You know very well what to do and how to do it.

People follow you on track believing you have better knowledge and planning. All that makes you charming. Everyone believes in your powers. Your better sense of yourself forces others to be motivated by you.

Self-care keeps their spirits high. Natural flow comes in walk and talk. Vision becomes more clear and broad.

Self-care Tips


Health is their priority. And they eat healthy food. Balanced diet nourishes their mind and body.

Go to bed early and wake up early.

Attractive people enjoy a healthy routine. Daily come up with a fresh feel.welcome every morning with an active plan.

Take exercise daily

Include exercise in your daily routine to make yourself healthy and strong. A healthy mind dwells in a strong body. Signs of idleness and fatigue dim you. Exercise circulates your blood. And makes you lively and attractive.

Practicing good hygiene

. is important for social, medical, and psychological reasons. A neat and clean personality improves the way others view you. Your view of yourself changes when you practice hygiene.

Enjoy your time by doing what you like to do most crazily

For example, reading a book watching a movie. chatting with someone or painting or working in the garden. It makes your soul happy and that happiness sparks from your personality.

Take care of your friendships

, give special time to your near ones and dear ones. These relations are your asset and increase your sense of belonging Ness.

Find ways to feel easy

Pray to God to relax you, or take a massage, take a bath or walk in the woods.

Try self-care routines daily or weekly.

Everyone has different needs for self-care. Make a self-care routine according to your needs.

Work smartly

Successful lady

Have you ever thought about what differentiates a highly successful person from everyone else? Everyone can not achieve success but those who have distinct qualities. Which encourages them on the way to success.

A successful person works smartly.


Smart man lives open-minded, enjoys work, strong, confident, healthy, active, descent clear, focused, and not inclined. A has the brainpower, self-control can work out of their comfort zone, and has a sharp IQ. Such persons are always alert and vigilant He works hard in a smart way. He has a broad vision and keen insight.

Clear Cut

Marked out and compact goals show direction while vague and generalized have no orientation.


Goals are measurable and include details, numbers that how far we have gone. It’s feedback to let one know, plan, and progress. And declares

what changes should be made to complete the task.

Within Reach

Considering potential of workers what they can accomplish with all our support.

To The Point

The task should be relevant to your expectations.

Time Framed

Task should have deadline to complete. Time should be managed very wisely.


Maximize the value of work by selecting a few activities and applying intense targetted effort.
Smart people have foolproof planning and smart execution
A smart person simplifies work to increase production.
Performs work allocated to him without fatigue with effective planning and execution. He knows his strengths.
Believes in himself, works smarter, and
passionately presents his best self to the world.
Knowing his deficiencies assigns responsibility to the more proficient person.
Smart work requires in-depth knowledge.
Be prepared earlier, brackets extra smarty stuff.
A smart person has mind calculations and can solve problems in a minute,
Uses thinking skills to minimize tasks, and takes extra steps.
A smart person is experienced enough to get out of the stickiest situations.
Smart people have good. environmental and situational perception, they know what is going on around them. They are skilled to make judgments on the scenarios, the people, and places around them and trust these judgments.
They have extraordinary emotional intelligence. They know when to kick off bad guys and start something.
They have different perspectives.
They don’t keep to themselves.
They seek advice from other people.
They have access to other people’s thoughts.
They know how people think and what is going on out there.
They can deal with tough situations.
Three processes of adaptation, shaping, and selection create an ideal fit, between the task and the environment.


Common sense is a natural ability to make good judgments and to behave practically and sensibly.


Smart work leads to success. Proactive behavior helps in better planning. You get a complete hold over the project. A strength to bring innovation and creativity. And ultimately success and happiness.

How to declutter your mind

Do you have a purpose in your life? If yes prepare your mind to follow this purpose. Make plans. Let all the infatuation go away if you want to accomplish your goal. To let it go you must understand what it is you want to get rid of?

You want to be a millionaire but all of your thoughts don’t tend that way.

Insignificant thoughts plague you all the time. You know you should get rid of it but you can’t do so.

Thinking has become a habit of yours oblivious of whether it’s relevant or irrelevant. These thoughts are about your prime time in the past and dreams of the future. You want to do many things in your life but only verbally. Your mind is busy no time to take action or make a plan.

Track your thoughts. You love your imagination and want to explore it more deeply.

Cherished dreams are fascinating and entertaining you in your solitude a best friend of yours. Consoles you in your failures that you were a great personality in past and will be a tycoon in the future.

Your mind is addicted to thinking.

You can’t face your ruined and wrecked self. You are happy with past reviews why abandon them. You have nothing in your life but these sweet

dreams. And memories. You are lost within. You have hidden in this shell just like a tortoise. Happy and contented living a mesmerizing life.

Rusty’s mind is filled with the discarded ideas.

Unconscious living in a trance. Running towards a fantasy directing nowhere.

Broken relationship with himself not concerned about action, passively happy in another world.

Can’t listen to himself. What is the need of the hour?

What should I do at the moment?

No activities or relationships in life. Even such a person is alone in a crowd. Such a person is crazy in feelings and thoughts.

Wandering thoughts crazed

Someone is obsessed with love

Someone is obsessed with the desire Someone is afflicted with poverty

Someone is obsessed with wealth

I don’t know what kind of madness it is

Life is thrust on my shoulders

I am rolling around with wanderlust

Such wanderlust should be erased from the mind. Let all the useless drowsy cravings go away to take a fresh start.

20 strategies to upgrade the brain into a smart one

Physical exercise makes the body strong. Why not strengthen the brain with mental exercises?

If you have a strong mind and plant in it a firm resolve, you can change your lot.

‘Train your mind stronger than your emotions. Or else you will lose yourself every time.’

In a society that is revising and growing fast. It is very hard to prove your worth. You need to adopt changes to prove yourself to be the best. Boost and train your intellect for profession or connections.

IQ tests measure the capacity of conception, learn and deal with unusual situations.

For jobs in many departments M CAT, GAT, ECAT tests are conducted to judge whether your brain is or smart sharp.

The brain has a remarkable ability to change. Like body muscles brain needs exercise. Nowadays fitness exercises are very popular to keep the body healthy and strong. Many intellectuals perform it as a ritual. Walk early in the morning stands obligatory.

The brain can make new neurons even in old age. In old age, the brain needs proper exercise and a healthy diet along with the activities mentioned below. Old people can boost their memory. By acting upon these smart techniques they can increase their response time

Training polishes the brain design for multitasking.

Discomfort makes the mind active and working. It rejuvenates the brain.

Pollution disorders brain function.

Our environmental behavior can affect the brain’s working or its reorganization and functions.

Challenge your brain, sharpen your cognitive talents. And learn something new and enriching along the way.

Before training your mind, you have to check how is it working?

It’s very hard to check and swift it falls on what it wants.

Training of the mind is good. We can enhance mental capacities through practices.

A controlled brain brings happiness.

Training improves mental swiftness.


1. CHALLENGE the brain

Challenge the brain to check new connections. Whether all parts of the brain are working proper, or not. Give some problems to solve.

2. Ask a question

If your brain is inactive. Ask a question to activate it. The question gets the brain working. Questions develop curiosity which improves IQ.

Smart brain

3. Eschew technology

To keep the brain in shape.Remove all distractions.Watching cell phone after every minute keeps mind busy .It slows response time.

Technological addiction limits brainpower. Don’t use the calculator or GPS. The brain learns to relax, it shirks work. The brain remains passive when we need an active response.

Let your brain work for you. Your brain can adopt a new environment. It is the mainstream for practical things.

4. Draw

Drawing straight lines can make you confident or bold. Research shows we can assess personality through drawing lines. Drawing cultivates the brain. It nurtures hand-eye coordination.

Fact is that we first know our feelings and thoughts. When we have a clear image of our inhibitions.We reflect them on paper. The way the brain functions boost mind power, increases focus, concentration, memory, and mind-eye coordination.

Draw to boost mind power

For drawing, we look at an object, store its structure in mind. Then we transfer it on paper through lines. We learn to express our feelings, thoughts and inhibitions on paper.

It sends a synopsis to neurotransmitters,to store your memories, more vivid and permanent.

Drawing is a healthy brain activity for everyone.

5. Paint

Painting and drawing are correlated. painting nourishes the same areas of the brain. But unlike, drawing painting offers new and unfamiliar compositions. Colors help to stimulate the brain.

Painting stimulates brain

Painters have a vivid imagination and observation.

Finger painting in preschool is a fun activity.

It helps to unlock the world of creativity and new possibilities.

Creativity is fostered in an artistic mind.

Preschoolers explore solutions for the problem. Get fresh inspiration and peaceful confidence.

Those components aid ordinary people. In both personal and professional environments to shine like visionary thinkers. It helps to include creativity in everyday life.

Painting encourages taking notice of minute details of the world around.

Focusing in this way brings high energy alertness.

6. Write

Writing assists the brain to store more effective information. And fosters better memory skills.

Students who take regular notes show better results.

Writing focuses on memories, experiences, and internal dialogue. A combination that increases brain function.your brain endeavors while writing.

7. Roleplay

Rewire your brain to act like another person. Your brain will start to struggle. Creative ideas pop up when you try to find solutions to difficult problems.

8. Working with others

Teamwork helps to go beyond their restricted thinking. Different people share different perspectives. You get new ideas and points of view. It broadens vision. Teamwork pushes you outside your bubble.

Your brain starts forming and conducting innovative ideas. It gives birth to creativity. It brings you inside out. You pretend to be another self. This training helps to sharpen your mind. You discover depths within you. You understand the feelings of others. Understanding makes you happy and content. Awareness of others’ passions, notions, and attitudes makes your relationships stronger. You become a happy soul. Useful for everyone.

9. Exercise

Exercise stimulates brain cell growth and IQ score. It is a direct link between physical fitness and IQ score.

You always follow pathways where less mental effort is applied. Following always these well-worn paths never develop or grow your mind. You have to shake it up from time to time. Give it a workout.

It helps to break a routine and develop new brain pathways. Brain muscle strength helps to process and remember information.

The brain gets a lot of oxygen through physical exercise. Exercising brings freshness to the brain. Depletes brain fog. Morning exercise stimulates you for learning throughout the day.

Aerobics and hand-eye combination activities are helpful.

Blood circulates and helps in mind and body coordination.

Barefoot walking brings positive findings prompting, less pain, and sound sleep. Soothing and fresh air condition the mind. Unshod on the ground binds with nature. Mind and body unite to make you a happy soul.

Basketball, running, weightlifting, or trying something new are important to optimize brain health.

10. Healthful diet

Brain boosters


Nuts Almonds, pistachios


Leafy greens




B6, B12, fish oil, omega3 fatty acids




Video games

surgeons play video games to avoid any mistakes in operations.


Video games are cognitive training which really sharpen the brain.

Video games increase perception in young and older individuals.

Video games are not expensive, full of fun and adventure.

Video games are the most popular stimulation to train different aspects of cognition.

Through games, we can stimulate social interactions in the aging brain.


Video games played most often can give you disadvantages. Rather than doing any good for you.

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Social withdrawal
  • Addiction
  • Time waste

Jigsaw puzzles

Card games

The card game is a mental exercise. It is gymnastics for aged folk.

The card game improves concentration and focus. Take turns and follow rules healthily help face competition. For important move, you weigh every possibility, calculate every trouble.

Strategic thinking and planning

Revolving board. In schools students use revolving board as brain workout

12. Learn new skills

Learning a new skill or language boosts the brain. And makes it lively. Learning keeps you engaged and active. A healthy mind opens new ways of thinking. Adaptability increases with new skills.

13. Take a new route

Always try a new route to the bazaar or office. It will make your mind active. keep watching all the scenes you are passing by. Try to remember each detail. Capture the present moment and enjoy mindfulness.

When you are traveling. Explore minute details of what’s happening around, observe keenly spectacles passing by. Who is sitting by you? Who is in the last seat? How many passengers in the bus? Of what ages they are, try to learn the names of the areas the bus is passing by. Travel with an active mind and make quick scrutinization.

This activity is a stress buster, anxiety reliever. A step towards mindfulness, the key to success and healthy, smart, and strong mind.

14. Teach someone

Teach it to share your information with someone. It will grow your knowledge and develop new ways of reasoning. You come to know your mistakes. You can correct yourself.

15. Meditation

Meditation helps fine-tune your memory and boost brainpower to process information.

When you bow to your creator and thank him for showering blessings on you. You feel soothing.

Meditation helps you to collect all of your tensions and present before God. You have a firm belief that only your creator can help you.

You feel calm within.

It soothes the brain lessens stress and anxiety. No fear, worry, or panic haunts you.

16.Build Vocabulary

Building vocabulary triggers the brain which is important for observing and distinguishing things.

Building vocabulary is a powerful way to enhance your life and career. Acquiring vocabulary can help you to understand others better and express your thoughts effectively.

All the practices to build vocabulary enhance memory and upgrade the brain. The brain learns to work smart.

  • Learn vocabulary in connection with the situation
  • Play word games
  • Use flashcards
  • Use words in conversation
  • Develop reading habit
  • Use mnemonics
  • Word meaning explanation helps

Self-care is getting control of one’s self. Taking a conscious act to endorse, physical mental, and emotional health. Selfcare is the multidimensional and multi-faceted process of purposeful engagement. In strategies that help to boost and reinforce active functioning and well-being.

17. Self-care

Those who don’t take self-care as a priority. Spend overwhelming tired life. They are not able to face the challenges of life.

Self are improved mind and body health. It strengthens brain functions.When you are caring for your body you will think and feel better.

When you are okay with yourself and soft hearted you maintain a healthier inner dialogue.Self care activities recharge you. Operating you more effectively and efficiently.

Feel smart

18.Use all senses

18.Use all senses

When you are on the way home or traveling for any other purpose, use five senses alike hearing, touching, tasting smelling. You will learn to focus, concentrate and memorize. All areas of the brain are used. It works to strengthen and sharpen the mind.


Laughter engages all areas of the brain. Jokes and punchlines activate the brain. Which is important for understanding and creativity.

Laugh at yourself

Hear laughter move to it

Spend time making fun

Laugh with children

20.Healthy relationships

Relationships relax and calm you. Interacting with others is a brain exercise. Socially active people have low ratios of memory loss. Social relations stimulate brainpower. Meet friends, join a club, or volunteer. It brings peace of mind and enjoyment in life.


The most important point is that what you gained from these activities. You will transfer and apply for brain health. Don’t play games all the and damage your brain and life altogether.

Use your smart brain to achieve your goals and objectives. Live a happy and smart life.

Humour A Sign of Character Strength

Humour makes your character strong. It helps you to look at yourself more sarcastically and guides you better. You discover yourself by laughing at yourself. You are your judge and guide.

How Humour Adds Beauty To Your Life

Humour makes you more attractive and likable. Humour is a special ingredient for interpersonal relationships. Good jokes attract others and they love to listen to you.Creative and imaginative aspect of your nature adds up to your personality.

Humour attracts positive outcomes.

Humour exposes your imaginative abilities and sharpens your intellect. you learn to view life from different angles. You discover your new self loved by all.

It’s a stress buster and gives way to freshness and happiness.

Moreover it’s a game changer which replaces the negative with positive. Many of f us like to be welcomed with a smile. Pun lines or jokes help you to get rid of bad things and focus on positive vibes.

Original personality

Your heart Roy’s and funny conversation makes you an original personality. It uncovers your authentic inner self. Your heateous laughter connects you with others. And develop deep relations.

No fake or sophisticated manners you adopt. You speak your heart out. Automatically it baits other’s hearts. Eventually bringing each other closer.

Humour not only wrap up your own stress, it also help others to get rid of anxiety.

It’s a most important factor in making interpersonal relationships. You make friends in every social gathering.

Humour Connects Head and Heart

When head heart connects it gives you more confidence and increases self esteem. It multiplies your inner powers. Completes you and makes you clear and focused.

You become more awake to the present moment. Energy touches its peak levels. It is the moment when you are fully charged and powered on. You sparkle all the time. most active and practical. Fairly responding all the time.

You start knowing yourself and others better. It means discovering yourself and finding the meaning of your life. Ultimately the purpose of your life.

No one can stop you from touching the heights. And gives you enough courage for visualizing your dreams of success.

You can handle difficult situations humorously. Sometimes workers don’t like rigid manners. You can handle them politely and with mirth.

Many attractive personalities laugh at themselves . It shows they know themselves very well. Humour mostly presents criticism good or bad in a jolly manner.

Intelligent people know about their stream of consciousness. They know what they are doing unconsciously.

Add humour in your life to be more lively and confident.

Humour boosts you





An attractive personality possesses all these qualities.


Try to add more fun in your life to make you more fantastic and productive.

People will enjoy your company regardless of your status , wealth or beauty. Even if you are jobless they will value you. That is the beauty and strength of your character.


Attractive persons are disciplined and organised. Their thoughts emotions and passions are in control.

Attractive personalities have high levels of self-control and self-discipline.

Self discipline is a talent. The disciplined person knows how to use time and energy most effectively.

The most talented are the most disciplined persons.

Self-discipline is the self-control that keeps you on track. It refines your talent into ability. Polishes your wisdom and makes you more worthy and valuable. Your abilities are acknowledged and draw everyone’s attention,

Discipline makes you calm and soothing.

Self discipline is great. It brings a difference between reaching goals and not reaching goals. It’s very important for everything in our lives. When you set a goal and decide to achieve it. You have to arrange the activities that will follow the process.

A discipline is needed to complete the project on time. Discipline accelerates the workflow. It makes your success undoubted.

It stops distractions and simply helps to execute achieve, produce and focus.

Disciplined personalities have mental toughness, willpower, and self-confidence.

It gives a greater sense of self-worth. Organized projects prove their worth and never fail. Discipline is the secret to success.

Discipline shows that the person has no self-doubt, fear, laziness, distractions, preoccupation, and other forms of self-damage.

Manager CEO, an ambitious professional, leaders athletes live a focused and disciplined life.

Discipline helps

  • Breaking bad habits
  • Finding life purpose
  • Increasing motivation
  • Achieving goals
  • Or using time and energy effectively
  • to master yourself
  • Building Morning routine
  • Selfcare routine
  • In making you mindful
  • Mentally, spiritually, physically, and financially happy
  • To compose one’s self
  • To turn lnabilities into abilities
  • To switch off laziness
  • Make your mind clear


Everyday life is full of discipline examples of how a room full of deranged items makes it difficult for you to move around the room.

Arranged things would let you move easily. You will complete your task in no time and consume less energy. At the same time, it makes you stress-free and happy.

While reading a book if you organize time and read pages it becomes easy to complete the book in less time. You achieve the goal with no stress.

Following a diet plan, you can easily achieve the goal than randomly eating food. You one by one achieve the goals and complete the task. And the result is a happy healthy life.

You can gain everything in your life if you are organized and disciplined. Science has made it easy by devising formulas and plans to realize dreams.

In old times such things were miracles. How a fat person can be slim and smart? It’s impossible. Now by tracking your food and by devising a plan, you can achieve this and make a miracle. Everyone is nowadays following such plans and making themselves more attractive and dashing.

Get Top grades was once a dream. The motion was only God-gifted students can excel. But now it’s proven that good study habits time management and hard work can help you make this miracle.

A society that is disciplined has high levels of achievement. They snob the highest ranks in their society. Join us to touch the heights Is their motto.

Discipline in every field of life makes you an attractive personality liked and loved by all.

You become an easy-going and go-getter personality. You become more focused and lively. Your vision is clear and you have a broad vision.

With all these qualities a proactive person is ever ready to take on challenges. You can say a leader who has a full hold over the situation. And easily can make changes whenever needed.

Discipline makes your working process easy. It increases productivity.

You enjoy a hassle-free life. A purposeful and contented life. Many people take benefit from you and pay you back with appreciation and affection.


Self-discipline is inevitable for your mental strength, focus, execution, achievement , and better production. Its

  • life changer
  • The new version of yourself
  • stress buster
  • Another name for success
  • Secret of happiness

Stay Composed

Have you ever noticed how attractive personalities and great leaders behave? When they confront uncomfortable circumstances.

They stay composed in such situations. They never lose their temper in fear or anger. In unexpected situations, they never hesitate. And change their way of thinking according to the situation.

They are practical. They are not agitated, about what to do and what not to do. You see they stay composed.

Attractive persons look dynamic when they are calm and composed. Composed are those people who have better control of their minds, body, and spirits. You can see the effect when a person is bearing patience or shows humility.

Calmness and composure make a person stand out. Such an individual is special because it’s very difficult to stay calm and composed in uncomfortable situations.

You can only find such traits in leaders. And this quality of composure attracts everyone. You can see that their attitudes and behaviors are composed.

Composed persons have the power of the mind-body and spirit. Composed thoughts feelings and emotions inspire confidence. Calmness creates depth in your personality. Everyone attracts and loves to follow you.

Just like waves on the ocean when calm down, can’t tell about the storm a few moments ago or after. Silent waves carry many storms inside but their behavior is cool.

Here are some qualities of a composed person.


Composed personalities have no stress. They are clear enough about their actions. You find them very easygoing. The next step they take is preconceived. Their way of thinking can change according to the situation. They are flexible. It makes them easygoing and attractive.

Great leaders are also easygoing. Because of this habit, people follow them.


They have their own identity. And never copy others. Opinions they give and the decisions they make are always authentic.

Calm and composed persons are genuine. The attitudes and feelings they show are original and pure. You can say that overall personality is authoritative and commanding.

Full of energy

Such persons are full of energy. And you can see spirit and vigor in their dealings. Because their control over emotion gives them more energy.


Independently determines work methods and is a high scorer. A low scored person can’t define his work habits and methods. A composed person can make strategic decisions. And is independent in thinking and working. No expediency can block his performance.

Never confused

Mental clarity is the main characteristic of a composed person. Stress never haunts him. Moreover, he has a clear vision of what to do and what not to do. You can see, that his response to any problem is very timely. Without getting nervous, he can control his anger. He shows resentment with care. Truth is that he is never out of control.

Always ready for changes

Changes are the spice of life. They believe in working with new ideas. They are open to change. Every time ready to try new skills and things. Adapt themselves according to new situations and act likewise.

They embrace changes. They move when anxiety causes them to freeze.

Try things for interest not to impress

A composed person is clear enough about what to do and what not to do. Always makes an effort to do what most fascinates. Emotionally controlled individuals never try to impress others. They are self-assured personalities who try not to impress others. They always follow their interests and prove their worth.

Fully confident

Composure inspires confidence. Confidence means you have full control over yourself. You can mold yourself according to the situation. You don’t need anyone to pamper you. You walk, talk, and act gracefully. And what you say you mean it.

Passionate and interesting

Passion is full engagement and involvement. You flow with passion and work with interest. Passion accelerates your workflow. Passion accumulates your energy in one place. And makes you powerful. It composes you in one whole. Which is smart and active. And liked by all. A composed person holds the attention of everyone.

Open-minded and make others feel easy

If you are composed you are receptive and open to suggestions. You have a growth mindset. You have an adaptive mindset. Moreover, you welcome new ideas. And evolve according to the context of your needs. You can quickly examine the circumstances and hear and understand the points.

Deeper level person

They have a deeper level of traits as attitudes values and beliefs which are hidden. Only keen observation of a character can expose them. These traits make him composed and smarter. These are deep-rooted in a person to make him clear, to the point, and calm within.

They know who they are

A most important characteristic of a composed person is that you are self-aware and self-assured. You know how to balance your emotions and know how to handle difficult situations. Self-discovery is the root of composure. A strong self-image makes you composed. And you can calm down inner noise.

High performance

Composite increases the performance. If you are clear and composed, no one can stop you from the best performance. This is the quality of leaders. Who make impeccable decisions and prove their superiority as high performers.

Stress buster

Composite us stress buster. It never gets you to get stressed. You don’t overthink too much. Only act according to the situation. Lack of knowledge of the situation makes you stressed. If you are well aware, You only need to change your way of thinking to ease the stress.

Control emotions

If you can better manage your emotions. It affects your evaluation, transformation, and performance. Your better control over emotions can help you make pathways among your thoughts, actions, and emotions.

Your emotions are controlled if they are in alignment with your values, personality, and aspirations.

Can face criticism, rejection, and failure

When a composed person is criticized rejected or faces failure, he never shouts it gets nervous he faces with confidence. And says he will try his best next time. I learned much from this failure. This criticism will help me to improve. Thanks for your opinion. I will work on it.

Overcome fears

They can overcome fears when meeting strangers. They are ever ready for unexpected situations. They are free of doubts about this or that. They have deep knowledge and a broad vision to fight fear.


Stress makes you nervous and self doubted. Control your stress with mindfulness. Discover yourself to turn your inabilities into abilities. Know your values and personality first to become a composed person.

Be A Good Listener

A good listener attracts trust, care, interest, and respect.

A good listener is considered a trusted and respectable person. Listening is a behavior. When you listen to you are offering care in his happiness or misery. All human beings love to listen carefully. It creates interest. You will share all information that you usually don’t share.

Active listening is appreciable. When you listen actively, the other person starts sharing more and more. Listening motivates you to present new ideas because you are sure that your ideas are valuable and interesting. You grow more confident. It also helps you to speak with confidence. You trust your voice and words.

Everyone loves that people listen to and value their opinions. You. Feel confident when takes interest in you. You feel worthy. It gives a boost to your self-esteem.

You listen and node your head or say hn hmm it encourages the person to carry on. He thinks his talk is meaningful. His ideas ignite and get more polished and refined. Many inhibitions you never dare to give word to, now become a considerable opinion. Perhaps very useful for someone.

Listening is a significant communication skill. You listen attentively and understand to interpret in a better way. When you listen and understand a person you develop a relationship. Deeper bonds are formed. Listening is an effective way of communication.

Good listeners always try to listen attentively to what is not clear. They show curiosity by asking questions. This makes a good impression. A listener encourages and welcomes, the thoughts ,opinions, feelings, and interest of the other person.

Comes to Trust

When you listen to someone you. It builds trust. Your attention encourages to trust you. This trust develops a relationship. You attract friendships with this habit. Closer contacts encourage you to move with confidence. Deep rooted relationships add to your value and magnet.

Shows Care

Listening shows care. When you listen to a person you care for the opinion and feelings of others. Care returns care. You are cared when you move in society. Good wishes and favourable attitude are fruits of care.

Shows Respect

Listener can pound the others heart out. In this world of haste no one has the time to listen to others. Most of our passions remain untold. Even our closer relations can’t listen to us. That’s why children hate parents and always complain that they don’t care for them. Respect with time diminishes perhaps gets null. In most cases changes into hatred.

Shows interest

The feeling of wanting something to know or learn or listen to creates interest. Effective listening create interest. The person you are listening to gets involved. Attention and concern result in a deep connection. Your response through clues shows your interest. Yeh, you are right hn hmm and by noding your head shows your involvement and interest.


Listening also encourages the other person to share secrets and deeper emotions. Which he never has uttered before. Listening encourages and boosts the confidence of the person and gives his life meaning.


A good listener invokes good feelings. His positive attitude makes him attractive. A listening behavior can make your communication effective. Ultimately leaving an indelible impression on others. Opt for active listening skills, to get success in life.

Whether it’s home, workplace, or learning institution listening skill is very important to get deep connections and attraction. Solid bonds and relationships keep rolling your success ball.

Be A Conversation Starter

Be a conversation starter and cast a spell on the world with this magic

Well, you have traits of an attractive personality. but you are still not welcomed by everyone. No one likes your company and you stand alone at a party. Waiting for the right person to come and talk to you. But no one comes near you. You are cooperative and positive.

How can one find you cooperative and positive unless you speak? Conversation unfolds your personality. Be a conversation starter. Never shy. Speak frankly. Talk to strangers. Greet first. You will cast a good impression on others. They will become a fan of you. And take you as a kind-hearted person. Ever ready to mingle with friends. Such personalities make friends.

Everyone lines to be noticed by others. Return our face towards the person who says you are good. During a gossip says yes what’s your opinion? What do you say?

Have you noticed some people look proud. But they are shallow. They don’t find enough courage to take initiative. They think as they will look mean if they greet first. Such personalities are not confident. Their self image us below average.

A confident conversation starter always wins appreciation. Everyone loves to talk about him. Of course, he is found an attractive personality.

Now the question arises of how to start the conversation.there is only one secret.

Say something that will make the person happy

That the person would love to hear

With this tip, you can start a conversation with anyone, any time.

Say something pleasant

“The food is scrumptious.” The other person would like to add to your comments. Yeah enjoyed it a lot. The dish he enjoyed most he will mention and the conversation goes on.

Talk about weather

Weather us a shared experience. Talk on weather is common and enjoyable.” what a lively day” Yes sunshine adds to its freshness. It’s easy to comment and continue the conversation.

Pop the question

“Can you help me find the way to the library”?Everyone loves to help, the conversation will turn on.

If you ask for information it’s a great way to start a conversation.

Asking for help

In Movies’ the most common scene is when strangers meet they unintentionally drop files or books. One feels sorry for the accident and helps to pick up the papers. And the conversation opens with a stranger. Helping hand becomes an acquaintance. Ask for help like” I dropped my bracelet here, can you help me find it?

Offer help

Are you searching for seat numbers? This is second from here. You help and win thank you. The conversation starts with gratitude. Offering help is a good way to familiarize yourself with someone.

Give an opinion

“I think it’s good to keep it up” You are doing a great job. A favorable opinion about someone‘s work leaves a good impression. And that person feels happy talking to you. An opinion shows deep interest in the situation. You are deeply attached and you are rewarded for that. Your opinion is accepted and honored. “I think it can add to company value.” You are allowed to say more and conversation starts.

Refer to a common friend

I am a friend of Meghan’s. She and I have done many projects together. Mentioning someone will make an impression that you are part of this social circle, not a stranger. You are a friend of Meghan people would love to know about you. They will turn their face towards you.

Talk about a shared experience

If you are working in the same company. You share your experience. Your Boss is a good person, very cooperative. Yes, I agree with you. In his management company progressed day and night. What happened to Lucy where she is now? When you are on common grounds its a good way to start talking.

Pay attention to the listener

Appreciate the person you are talking to. Find good traits in his personality and work. Say you write insightful posts . Which are always helpful in my life. This motivates the other person to respond you.

Appreciate the looks

You are looking so cool. Your outfit is very attractive where did you get it? You can appreciate hairstyle or color choice. Such comments make the person a unique personality. He who appreciates you you love to listen to it. In return you thank him for knowing your worth.

Come up with your intro

If you want to talk to someone simply go to him and introduce yourself I am Jhon and I want to introduce myself to you. The other person will feel important and will like to hear from you. This trick is only applicable in a few situations not always. But you can give it a try.


If you approach first someone to start a conversation it adds to your attraction. You get out of your shell and prove an easy-going person. It enhances your flow in society and you are welcomed as a good-hearted person.

Say “No” to Say A Vital Yes

Vital “yes”

Say “No” to say a vital yes. When you reject something, you find the vitality to say yes to what matters to you most.

Vital yes is meaningful action. It means refusing other distractions. Focus only on the most important. You apply energy and determination to do a task.

Attractive personalities have their priorities. And they aren’t always available.

Are you eager that people hold you in high regard,

Learn to say No.

Set your priorities.


Say No means you have targets to follow and your life has a purpose and goals to pursue. Other people didn’t take you for granted because you don’t take your life for granted.

Defines boundaries

Attractive personalities have their boundaries. And they know the art of saying NO.

I never tell a lie. I never take bribes. I exercise daily. I don’t eat in excess.

You know your limits. Saying no defines them.

If you are sure what you want to do. And you make it your priority you are an attractive personality.


You know your responsibilities and stick to them at any cost.

You take responsibility and reject all other distractions. You are achieving the goal. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.

It adds to your attraction

When you say no you are unconsciously giving a message that you are busy. You do your work wholeheartedly. You are devoted. You are not good for nothing fellow. You are valuable.

Classy outlook

Can you imagine this little action brings a remarkable change in your outlook?

People start thinking differently about you. When you come up with new ideas, you are getting heard. You become a classy personality.

Easy going

When you are sure to do a certain thing. You go with the flow. No other thoughts bother you. The outcome is a calm and composed personality.

What matters you most in life

Now you start following what matters to you most in life. You can go for your dreams. Everything you desire in your life .one by one completes. And you enjoy a fulfilling life.

Most of us find it impossible to live a life of our choice. But An attractive personality knows how to make it possible. You can achieve goals so easily, just by switching important to priority.

Clearer focus

Priority lets you focus clearly. All other things blur before your eyes and you focus on one thing.

The clearer focus lets you work wholeheartedly. Moreover, it creates an inner drive to accomplish your task. Which gives the energy and determination to do something.

Self esteem

Say No to boost your self-esteem. Your selection of a task makes you proud of yourself. You recognize your worth. You are worthy that message goes to your subconscious. And your self-esteem upgrades.

Sense of completion

Yes, you feel a sense of completion in your life. Shallowness comes to an end. To be true it means success and happiness.

Never fall short of goals you have set for yourself

You will fall a victim to a lot of terrifying obstacles.

Say no does not mean you rudely refuse to help others. And only think about yourself, Rather it means never miss the most important.

Authentic Ways How to Stop Overthinking

Clear your brain from this rubbish make your life goal-oriented and purposeful.

You vacillate in the past or future. Come to the point and find the power of NOW.

How to stop overthinking which makes you unsettled, stressed, and burdened?

Knowledge is rubbish and understanding is a gem. Rubbish is a heap of irrelevant thoughts. which are not useful for us and need to be disposed of. Because surrounded by them you will lose your self-identity.

Overthinkers lose their gems of understanding in the rubbish of too much knowledge.

Knowledge without action is useless. Too much thinking makes you too much busy to use it. It delays your decisions. And makes you lazy and good for nothing.

Have you ever faced such a situation in your life?

Ruminations waste your time and make you introverted. I know so many people who destroy their momentum in thinking if it is good to do or let it go.

When you lose your control over yourself and give way to weak moments trap you. Your freshness gets stale with rubbish and nonsense imagination.

What is overthinking?

Overthinking is the art of creating new problems that never existed. Events of past or present create problems when you repeatedly think about them.

Overthinking is too much thinking when you think about a thought or situation for a long time. And your mind dwells on it. You think about it again and again.

That thought might be about your past unforgettable achievements or losses. You cherish the moments. Different angles of a situation you conceive and you feel happy when a thought evolves.

Your thought process is, how it happened and what were its possible solutions.

For example, you faced a catastrophe in childhood. Your thoughts haunt you most of the time as a helpless and compelled child. You are still living in childhood.

When you are stuck in a single thought your brain is unable to move to another situation. Thus it becomes paralyzed. It is wholly or partially incapacitated. The function of the brain slows and a ditch is created between you and your present situation.

Everything gets topsy and turvy. You derail in the daily track of life. An unbalanced situation leaves you in distress.

Overthinking blurs your self-identity and self-image.



You can’t see, absorb or act

upon other things. The brain is busy all the time. And refuses to respond when asked for. Gives busy alerts even in the most important situations.

It delays decision making

Lack of attention delays your decisions.

Overthinking when giving a busy alert you can’t think about the present situation. You put too much effort in making decisions.

It creates clutter in your mind

It ruins your life, career, and peace of mind.

So many thoughts haunt you and you are left entangled. Just pondering over and activity touches zero height.

No social life

No one likes to be friends with you or stand by you. Because you show zero interest in people around you. You are not socially acceptable.

The root cause of every affliction of yours. From health issues to wealth gaining problems and social acceptance.

You ignore self-care

You become a shaggy personality. Disheveled hair dirty socks, no hygiene. Just thinking all the time doing nothing.

You become doubtful and confused

You become doubtful about your position. Your thoughts confuse you. Fear of facing people and situations because you are an old sample or future dreamer and not adjustable in present.

Stranger to yourself

You can’t build connections. It’s a sign of depersonalization. You are observing yourself out of your body. You are watching yourself in a movie. Reacting according to your image in the movie. The real world is missing. In the real world, you are a stranger to yourself. You are lost in the world of imagination.

Fall apart from rest of the world

Overthinkers get lost in their world and cut off from society. Your thoughts leave you secluded. No one likes your company. An off-track person is always alone.

pamper your ideas and love to live in illusion. The mesmerizing world of imagination never lets you enjoy the world you are physically present.

War of soul and body makes you restless. Devoid of action your thoughts persuade you to live in illusion and fancy.

There is a movie in your mind and you are a hero in this movie. This is your world fabricated by you.

Over analyzing

Over analyzing confuses them to talk with confidence. Different angles of a problem confuse them with what is suitable.

They keep quiet

They have nothing to talk about because they are ignorant of what is happening in the world. Such persons have nothing to do with the present. They are silent in meetings. They are not physically present.

Overthinkers look like

Untidy, old-fashioned, lazy, confused, silent, thoughtful, worried, upset, and nervous. Their self-image is that they are intelligent and most learned knowledgeable. But people think of them as foolish bookish nonpractical and stagnant personality. An entangled and boring.

Easily available

Such persons have no priorities in their lives they are just like a thistle moving to and fro with air. They are used and threw away like a tissue. No one wants to include them in their lives.

No friends or strong relationships

Your attitude pushes friends and relationships. You ignore what others are feeling or facing problems. You are not a good listener. The social circle comes to an end. You can’t make long-lasting friendships.

You only discuss what you analyzed. Not helpful in your social circle. So much drowned in the thought process that you lose confidence at times. You are known as an absent-minded person.

Anxiety and depression

The endless chatter of yourself speaks of old hurts and past loves. It screams throughout your body in multitudes. Anxieties are riots of my mind.

Destroys happiness

Overthinking leads to negative thoughts. You regret that you gave considerable thought to inconsiderate people. Regrets kill happiness.

Don’t stuff your mind with the things which you can’t understand. It leads to unhappy moments.

You lose focus

Overthinkers can’t focus on one thing. They find everything equally important. Such persons shift their interests from one thing to another. Their performance and productivity equal zero.

The adjustment tool in mind tells you what to focus on and what would be your second concern. Overthinkers lack this adjustment.

Brain fog

Brain fog blurs the mind and results in forgetfulness, memory loss, poor focus, and mental clarity. This fog makes you indecisive and unattractive personality.

Mind pretends to be busy

Your thoughts keep you busy you have no time to think about your present it to perform your duties. While at work you are lost in other thoughts. At home, you are laughing on the sofa and feel you are busy. You hang your mind with thinking. It shows the tag not responding. Overthinking burdens your brain. As a result, it paralyzed and the brain not working.

Overthinking is an addiction

Addiction is a habit of repeatedly occurring situations. You can’t get rid of it. You unconsciously fall to it. You indulge compulsively. Although you know it is persistently harming you.

Effective Dysregulation

You feel cut off from the world. You have a poor ability to manage emotional responses, sadness, anger, irritability. You don’t know the range of emotional responses and often go to extremes. Some overthinkers hide their emotions and try to harm themselves rather than others. They eat their own heart.

Trouble in concentrating

Lack of concentration is mainly because of overthinking. You can not direct your attention to a single subject. You are considering so many things at a time. Thus your performance deteriorates.

Overthinking shatters your attention.


sleep disorders are mainly because of overthinking. When you wake up with a headache or don’t enjoy the sound sleep. You are in deep thinking. The problem in getting sleep or waking up at midnight is the sign that your mind is not in good condition. You are losing your balance.

Physical effects of overthinking

Overthinking not only affects mental health at same time it causes headaches, body aches, and stomach problems. You feel good for nothing. Eating disorders ruin your health.

It kills brain cells which results in memory loss and



Is the main cause of overthinking. You repeatedly think about your sufferings and feel relaxed. After some time it becomes a strong habit to think about it again and again. And you create a world of your own to live in.


You feel low in the present. You choose to live in the past or future.


You love to think about what makes you happy. You avoid action. And you love to live in the world of infatuation.

How to stop overthinking

Decide to be a man of action

Let go of past

Live in present

Focus on what is controllable

Face your fears

Set your goals

Write down or share solutions not problems

Question your thoughts

Pray to God

Leave your problems to God

TEll a story to your inner self

Never bother future or possibilities

Take the first step and believe that God will help you.

Reliance to Allah



Thinking good thoughts

Certainty in Allah’s Rahmah

Get out if your mind for ultimate peace and contentment

Train your attention

Make a list of what you can control and what you can’t.


Creative and genius

Overthinkers can imagine actively. High levels of anxiety trigger imagination beyond ordinary limits. This neurotic level of genius makes a genius. Overthinkers have high levels of IQ scores. The study shows they are diamonds in the rough, genius not yet discovered.Newton was such genius.

Once a friend came to visit Newton, Newton was busy in some work. When his friend entered the room , There was lunch on the table. Newton went out of room for a short while. His friend are all of his lunch and covered with a table cloth.

When Newton remembers to have lunch , he uncovers and finds bowls are empty. He says, oh I have already eaten the lunch.C

An you imagine such absent mindedness from a great scientist, but it’s true. He was such kind of person. Because he was over thinker and introvert. There are so many examples to quote.

Once cook advised Newton to hold the watch in one hand and put an egg in boiling water. Back to the kitchen cook was surprised to see that watch was in the water and the egg was in Newton’s hand. He told the cook that you said wait for 5 mins but the watch is not ticking away in the water.

Cook surprised him by telling him he was doing otherwise. Newton was always lost in his thought, unconscious of the world around him.

Curiosity gives birth to creativity. Over-analysis is a great characteristic of creative folk.

Vivid imagination spurs high levels of creativity.


Overthinkers are conscientious. They think in detail and pay attention for a long time. Detail is very important for creative people. First, the judge thoroughly then creates a new model better than previously created.

Those who stick to one thought and do their job dutifully are ideal workers. They have high achievement levels. Their performance us self less. And they learn from the past and have better plans for the future. That is called vision. At the same time. they can foresee the company’s future.

Some overthinkers dream ,true dreams. What they suppose comes true. What they suggest to us is always valuable and true to the point. These are blessings of too much thinking.


Excess of everything is bad. Overthinking is a blessing if it is to the point and within limits.U

Unbridled thoughts are very dangerous and take you nowhere but in a detached and isolated world. Go for balance in your life. Know yourself and control yourself which God has put in your control. Leave the rest in God’s hands. He will never harm you. He Is the best caretaker of mankind. Have a firm belief in God.

Enjoy a happy contented and fulfilling life.

Traits of attractive personality

Front Rank with Confidence

Do you know confidence is your identity? Confidence is nucleus of personality. Lack of confidence creates self doubt and confusion. You are always thinking if you are right or wrong. Your doubt confuses you about your belief or opinion.

Confused thoughts are never welcomed. This shows you as a weaker personality. Have you ever said I said this and I implied this? You are constantly thinking and feeling otherwise.

Confidence shows your inner resilience. People will like to follow you. They come closer to you. They own you. They value you even if you don’t have money or a career.

Confident personalities are realistic, flexible, and focused. People admire them and give them a leading position. They are Born leaders and everyone trusts them.

Self confidence is praised by all. Every likes to stand by confident personalities. Confidence attracts success. Self confidence makes you attractive and acceptable for all. You become a leader. A decision making approach makes you valuable.

Now the question arises, how you can be more confident?

  • Make your self-image, You must be sure of what you want to be. And then work on it. You must have a clear image of yourself.
  • Set thoughts about your self-esteem. Self-esteem is an opinion about yourself. For example, “I am liked by all.” “ I am worthy of happiness.” Boost your opinion about yourself. And feel good. Acknowledge your abilities, your self-respect makes you more confident.
  • Address your fears. Make a list if the list of things that you are afraid of doing. Daily do such one thing that frightens you. One by one you will overpower yourself. And your will effortlessly complete on time.
  • Your inner thoughts mislead you. You criticize yourself. You always discourage yourself. Take hold of your self-critic. Your self-talk should be,” You can do that” Come forward take the first step”. It will make you confident.
  • Organize the place where you work, organize your home. Most confident people are more organized and disciplined. Your easy-going life depends on your well-organized life.
  • If you care for yourself people will take care of you. You will be get noticed. Adopt a self-care routine to make you more acceptable and confident. Everyone likes cleanliness and freshness. It makes you more attractive.
  • Most competitive and helping people are most wanted and liked. Help others to become part of one’s attention.
  • Be honest in dealings. You will become impressive. Who honestly pursued goals attracts success.
  • Try to be authentic, people like authenticity and appreciate it vehemently. Your interest in your responsibilities makes you authentic.
  • People like to listen to and respond to opinions offered by confident persons.
  • You can look confident by making eye contact with someone.
  • Your sitting straight can also render you confident.
  • If you get prepared ahead of time, your thoughts will get polished, and you can answer the questions with more confidence.
  • Confident people never compare themselves with others.

They are happy with what they are. Pimples freckles never degrade them. They know everyone has weaknesses. Such things can never stop them from moving forward.