10 ways to get a clear and active mind

Do you feel like your brain is working too much? Your mind is confused and crying for help.


When we don’t pay heed to take decisions in our daily life so many tasks remain hanged in our brain. These tasks don’t let us move forward signaling work not done.
Unconsciously we know a lot of things to be done.
It creates chaos. In a disarrayed workplace one can’t work efficiently. Delayed performance is the result of an Untidy workplace.

You need to clear your misconceptions.
Getting rid of all that unnecessary mental luggage stands very crucial. For staying concentrated, motivated, and productive.
Otherwise, your system will hang.
There will be no space for important tasks already filled with junk.

20 strategies to upgrade the brain into a Smart one20 strategies to upgrade the brain into a smart one

“ Clutter is simply delayed decisions“Denis Gursky

1.Set Priorities

To clear the messy mind to prioritize your tasks whats most matters to you?
*Say no to other tasks schedule them to next.
*Make a to-do list
*Set daily routines

2.Take breathing exercises

Inhale exhale inhale exhale
Breathing exercises are stress relievers
At the same time promote concentration and strengthen the immunity system.


Exercise, good diet, and rest
Avoid sugar not good for the brain
Find your best time for work
Always find your best working hour. Difficult work, it’s morning or night.

4.Stop multitasking

Multi-tasking limits your attention span. Creates additional clutter. Which becomes very difficult for your brain to distill insignificant information. Multi-tasking curtails efficiency and may distort your mental control. Execute one task at one time.

6.Work in time blocks

Work in 90 mins blocks take 10 minutes rest to recover and refuel, a top productivity trick that more and more people are adopting.

7.Avoid multimedia

When you are not getting the point to switch off mobile laptops, say no to all extra activities. Only think about what is your main focus.

8.Share your thoughts

Share your thoughts with a friend or dear one to make them clearer. You are now able to look at things from a fresh perspective. It helps to organize your thoughts and cool down inner commotion.

9.Keep journaling

Journaling is a very good technique to release bottled emotions. You learn to express yourself vividly. It releases stress.

10.Ask questions

Ask yourself questions to make your mind clear
What went well?
What didn’t go well?
What can I change?
What do I need to start doing?
What do I need to stop doing?
All these techniques help a lot in clearing and boosting the mind.

Forthcoming posts will elaborate on this topic

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